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drunk monkeys in the highlands

So things have gotten pretty heavy over here the last few days – talking about the Rapture, reality TV dudes being accused of murder in tabloids, Rebecca Black covers – so I thought we may want to lighten up the mood a little. And what’s better to lighten up a dark, dreary, rainy day (that’s just here in Seattle Louisville – hopefully it’s b-e-a-utiful where you are) than a song/commercial about drunken monkeys? Not many things, but one thing that may be able to top it is a rap song about snacks performed by kids under 12.

Ahh, the internet. Always there to provide oddly awesome diversions.

To watch is to love these videos.

Please note that this is one in a series. I encourage you to head on over to You Tube and check out the rest of these Monkey Wrench (a local bar here in the 502) spots. You won’t be disappointed (or maybe you will be, it all depends on how creepy you find the dudes in monkey costumes).

Now on to the kids on a sugar-high rapping about snacks. I know for a fact this video makes Erin over at Defending Vegetables  cringe and wish for a better world. I could share the sentiment or just enjoy the fact that these kids are being productive during their after-school time. It also appears that they all keep up with their oral hygiene which is a plus when you are snacking on honey buns, doritos and oreos on the regular.

Don’t act like you didn’t love both of those (okay, the snack video is about 30 seconds too long, but let’s not nit pick).

Until next time…. Stay Tuned.

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Worst Song Ever?

If you are on twitter or have seen one of the “trending” lists in the corner of your search engine, you’ve probably seen the name “Rebecca Black.” Who is this enigma, Rebecca Black, that people are blasting and mocking endlessly on twitter and the celebrity gossip sites I frequent?

After doing a little reading over the weekend about some horrible song, I finally gave it a listen today. Let me say, my SE went through the roof. This song is pretty awful. But more importantly, I have that sad feeling I get when I watch a Division 2 basketball team get blown out by 40 points. The feeling where you just want it to stop.

That feeling subsided when I saw that her video has over 38 million views and she’ll probably make a boat load of cash from this ridiculously awful, Party In the USA wannabe. Here’s the video. I am guessing most of you will not make it through the whole thing because it really is that bad. But give it your best shot.

Where do I start? Don’t you just love how she breaks down every detail of her pre-school ritual? Thank god for that “Bus Stop” sign or she would never know where to stand to catch her ride to school. I don’t know how I managed to track down the bus every day in middle school without one of those signs. Luckily, her awesome friends stop by in their convertible and save her from bus ride on a nasty, bully-infested bus.

After Rebecca figures out which seat she should take (a very, very important question any 15-year-old girl asks herself before getting a ride. i mean, you don’t want to sit next to some gross smelly boy, you want to close to the cute one or the coolest girl in the car, duh), she breaks into the chorus.

I think this is where my ears began bleeding. The way auto-tune makes her say FRYYYEEE-Day is enough to make you bash your head against your computer. I am guessing this is where many of you escaped this awfulness. But for the sake of this blog (and you my faithful readers) I continued.

Later on in the song, Rebecca breaks down the days of the week for us (Wait, Sunday comes after Saturday? And Thursday is the day before Friday? This is some mind blowing s**t). She also lets us know that “We We We So Excited” because her and all her peeps are going to “Have a Ball.” Get down Rebecca. Get down.

I will say I agree with Rebecca on one point, the very valid – “We don’t want this weekend to end.” I say that every Sunday (the day after Saturday, in case you forgot). So before it does, “we gotta get down on Friday.”

Thanks to Rebecca (mostly thanks to the money-grubbing producers who created this) pre-teens and adults alike will now know the days of the week. We’ll also make sure to consider which seat we will take whenever we’re offered a ride.

It’s no “Party in the USA” but I agree Partying is fun and I am looking forward to the weekend now.

Final Note: E! Online has debated whether this video is for real or just a big spoof. You can read about it here.

ATTENTION GLEE FANS: Not sure if this is good or bad (could go either way), but GLEE is considering doing this little ditty in one of their final six episodes. That and more spoilers here.

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