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drunk monkeys in the highlands

So things have gotten pretty heavy over here the last few days – talking about the Rapture, reality TV dudes being accused of murder in tabloids, Rebecca Black covers – so I thought we may want to lighten up the mood a little. And what’s better to lighten up a dark, dreary, rainy day (that’s just here in Seattle Louisville – hopefully it’s b-e-a-utiful where you are) than a song/commercial about drunken monkeys? Not many things, but one thing that may be able to top it is a rap song about snacks performed by kids under 12.

Ahh, the internet. Always there to provide oddly awesome diversions.

To watch is to love these videos.

Please note that this is one in a series. I encourage you to head on over to You Tube and check out the rest of these Monkey Wrench (a local bar here in the 502) spots. You won’t be disappointed (or maybe you will be, it all depends on how creepy you find the dudes in monkey costumes).

Now on to the kids on a sugar-high rapping about snacks. I know for a fact this video makes Erin over at Defending Vegetables  cringe and wish for a better world. I could share the sentiment or just enjoy the fact that these kids are being productive during their after-school time. It also appears that they all keep up with their oral hygiene which is a plus when you are snacking on honey buns, doritos and oreos on the regular.

Don’t act like you didn’t love both of those (okay, the snack video is about 30 seconds too long, but let’s not nit pick).

Until next time…. Stay Tuned.

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