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A Lesson on Passive Agressiveness: Philly News Station Awkwardness

Interested in feeling awkward and embarrassed this morning?

Well if you’re not in the Philadelphia-area, you can tune in to a quick lesson in passive aggressiveness here.

Yikes a million. Can we call the station manager and get those two gals separated by at least six hours?

Nah forget it. I’m more interested in seeing what comes next…

Until next time… stay tuned!


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How did you get here? The search that leads to SE.

Hopefully you’ve all recovered from your Bachelor Pad 2 hangovers. I’m finally feeling back to my old self after surrending three-hours of my life to that madness/amazingness.

Today I thought I would entertain you with some of the fabulous search terms that led young grasshoppers to I’m pretty pumped that the site comes up when you search some of these things, others I’m a little scared and more often than not, I’m confused. But hey, whatever it takes to get you in the proverbial door.

Without further ado:

Ultimate Douche.

kasey kahl is the ultimate douche – I couldn’t be happier that searching this little 6-word phrase leads to SE. I also would love to meet the person (alas, it was only one awesome searcher) who chose to google this gem. I applaud them and their spot-on observation. Yes my friends, Kasey Kahl is the ultimate douche.

angelic from bad girls club needs to shave her pits – Don’t know much about this (you’ll have to ask our resident BGC expert Matt) but if you say so, it must be true. Somebody hook Angelic up with a Venus. One question though, was this searcher looking for reassurance that yes, Angelic indeed needs to shave her pits? Was she hoping to find a way to contact this Bad Girl and let her know about the hairy situation? So many questions, so few answers.

the real housewives of beverly hills – pay attention bravo housewives: this is how it’s done – True that. Not sure if I ever said this but I will now – RHOBH know what’s up and all other housewives (I’m looking at you Miami, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey) better take notice.

love italian making extraordinary out of the ordinary – Sounds sexy kind of. But where did this combo come from?

embarrassment makes me hot – I’m pretty sure this person didn’t find what they were looking for here. While embarrassment makes me nervous, anxious, uncomfortable and awkward – it never makes me hot like I think this filthy-minded searcher intended.

heart shape earrings like worn by bachelorette – Let me help you here. You don’t want those.

erica rose bachelor pad side profile – Why so interested in Princess Erica’s side profile? Is it something about our little duck-billed pal’s plastic surgery?

love in the jungle vs. paradise hotel – Paradise Hotel wins. Hands down. But I like where your heads at.

shrek people – What?

do the guys on bachelorette smoke pot? I don’t know – do they? I’m hoping this person figured out the answer and can let us know. I’m guessing yes.

cry lots me boo – Huh????

paradise hotel then and how – I’m guessing this person meant “then and now” which is a great question. I wonder where those silly kids just looking to have a good time are now.

comforters used on the bachelorette – This girl (or guy, who knows) must have really loved her some purple comforter.

jackie from bachelor pad is such a moron – Yup, she is. What a horrible idea it was giving Vienna the extra rose. C’mon Jackie, we were hoping for more from you.

jake, vienna, and kasey’s initial meeting in the pad – I like the use of slang here. I may start referencing things that happened “in the pad” from here on out.

hot girls pouring mud all over them selves – Woah What? No really – WHAT? You are definitely into some freaky stuff. Not sure this blog has the answers you’re looking for.

what kind of life vest do they use on mtv challenge – So safety conscious.

alli travis booba –If only Hooters McGee would have stayed around a little longer, I may have taken to calling her “alli travis booba.”


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While I was DVR’ing….A little piece of real life.

Sorry friends, this week has been a little hectic and a lot of awesome which has led to me slacking on my posts.

So I will miss posting on The Challenge: Rivals today. I may try to do a combo wrap up tomorrow with Project Runway. But I wanted to let you know that I had a significant reason for being a bit behind. Last night, my amigos and I took home the Championship in our Kick Ball League.

Yup, that’s right, your little blogger is also a kickball enthusiast. Some of you may get a little SE thinking about a bunch of mid to late 20-somethings playing a child’s game of kickball but let me assure you – it’s awesome. And if you’re still doubting me, there’s beer.

Anyways, I am pretty proud of Team Paynus (don’t ask about the name) so I had to share a team pic.

Don't Call It a Comeback.

I’ll be back to our regularly scheduled recaps in no time.

Until then… stay tuned!

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I love TV so much I persuaded work to let me write about it.

Note: This is a shameless plug. (But hey, isn’t that what blogging is all about?)

So you all know how much I love television (obvi – this blog is entirely dedicated to it). But I wanted to pass along news of a feat I’ve recently accomplished (yeah, I’m making it sound like a bigger deal than it is) – I’ve persuaded (or tricked, fooled, whatever word you want to use) work to let me write about it for our company blog. Yup, not sure if it’s a good thing or not but now my work comrades know about my obsession with The Bachelorette and Pretty Little Liars.

Thought you all would like to see that Secondary Embarrassment is seeping into the B2B world.  So if you care (you probably don’t) check it out here. (Also, I am aware the main SE will come from seeing my ridiculously awful work pick. No need to comment about it. I know it is bad.)

And if you’re more interested in waiting for my play by play accounts of Love in the Wild – stop by tomorrow!

Until then… stay tuned.




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drunk monkeys in the highlands

So things have gotten pretty heavy over here the last few days – talking about the Rapture, reality TV dudes being accused of murder in tabloids, Rebecca Black covers – so I thought we may want to lighten up the mood a little. And what’s better to lighten up a dark, dreary, rainy day (that’s just here in Seattle Louisville – hopefully it’s b-e-a-utiful where you are) than a song/commercial about drunken monkeys? Not many things, but one thing that may be able to top it is a rap song about snacks performed by kids under 12.

Ahh, the internet. Always there to provide oddly awesome diversions.

To watch is to love these videos.

Please note that this is one in a series. I encourage you to head on over to You Tube and check out the rest of these Monkey Wrench (a local bar here in the 502) spots. You won’t be disappointed (or maybe you will be, it all depends on how creepy you find the dudes in monkey costumes).

Now on to the kids on a sugar-high rapping about snacks. I know for a fact this video makes Erin over at Defending Vegetables  cringe and wish for a better world. I could share the sentiment or just enjoy the fact that these kids are being productive during their after-school time. It also appears that they all keep up with their oral hygiene which is a plus when you are snacking on honey buns, doritos and oreos on the regular.

Don’t act like you didn’t love both of those (okay, the snack video is about 30 seconds too long, but let’s not nit pick).

Until next time…. Stay Tuned.

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Keeping it British… I heart Harry Potter

Among my nerdy obsessions – reality tv, high school themed programming, musicals, selling crap on ebay – the one I get the most crap for tends to be my love for Harry Potter (and other nerdy sci-fi/fantasy movies. What? Terminator and Avatar were good movies. No? Okay fine).

My pal Cara being Awesome at Harry Potter World

You’re probably getting a little secondary embarrassment after reading that last sentence but I will no longer hide my love of all things Harry Potter. I’ve read and re-read all the books; watched, re-watched and forced others to watch the movies; and was planning a trip to the new Harry Potter World at Universal Studios when I found out I was preggo. So I have yet to do that yet. BUT my friend Cara went last week and jealously does not even begin to describe the feelings I had when I saw her pic drinking a butterbeer outside Hogwarts Castle.

So i’m sure you can understand my mix of sadness and excitement surrounding the final Harry Potter movie. I just stumbled across the trailers and I am HYPE. Needless to say, you’ll know where you can find me on July 15th – elbow deep in a tub of popcorn anxiously waiting for the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise. (No, I do not dress up in costume and go to the movies. stop judging.)

For your (muggle) viewing pleasure, below are a couple of the trailers. Enjoy!

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Put Down Your Phone. When Drunk Dials Go WRONG.

So this is not normal – I don’t normally write two posts in one day (well, this video you’re about to watch is not normal either). But I could not let today go by without sharing this.

We’ve all been there – a little over-served with a cell-phone whose battery is not dead (although the next morning most people wish it had been). You pick it up, call someone and more often than not, leave a message. The dreaded drunk dial. Some drunk dials are funny, some are just plain fun and some are DREADFUL. This one is dreadful. Actually, it’s beyond dreadful.

We’ll discuss after you experience the SE.

Two minutes and forty four seconds of pure embarrassment.

Clearly this girl with the somewhat mannish name of Dominic LOVED her some Ryan. She also wanted to make sure Ryan, you know, contacted her. Cell phone, email, IM, pager (PAGER?? c’mon Dominic no one uses those anymore unless you’re a doctor, which I’m guessing, you’re not), fax, sky writing, Morse Code, carrier pigeons – just get in touch with her. Ummm… so, yeah.

I found it quite suspect that Ryan had to leave unexpectedly – I’m guessing it’s because he smelled the crazy (and began hearing the Psycho-theme in your head) and made a beeline to the nearest exit. Good move Ryan. Although, it may not have been a good idea to give her your for real cell number. You could be getting those calls, about your cute shirt and your cute little pants, well into the future.

One last note, was Dominic not out with her friends? If she was, that’s just mean of them to let their friend blabber on for almost THREE MINUTES. Three minutes in voice mail time is like an hour in real time.

Yikes.  Until we know exactly which Jamba Juice Dominic works at (You’re probably saying “I thought she worked at ebay?” I’m guessing Dominic is a real self-starter and has two jobs. Jamba Juice is just cause she needs some fun money and loves smoothies), I encourage all my readers to stay away from Jamba Juice (not because their smoothies aren’t delicious). Their hiring standards are definitely not stringent enough.

Thanks to @tytythompsonKSR for posting this.

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