–verb (used with object)

1. to cause confusion and shame to; make uncomfortably self-conscious; disconcert; abash

Hi, my name is Danielle and I have a serious case of secondary embarrassment.
It happens almost every day (probably because I watch some of the most ridiculous television ever created). I’m sitting in front of my television watching an episode from the Real Housewives or Bachelor and it hits me – the paralyzing, uncomfortable feeling of secondary embarrassment.
We all know what it’s like to be embarrassed, like when you fall down the stairs and know that someone definitely saw it and is definitely laughing at you. But secondary embarrassment is worse. It’s the overwhelming feeling of embarrassment for the crazy-ass who has no idea they are an embarrassment to their family, friends and strangers alike. Obvious examples of this are Michael Scott from The Office, Justin Bieber and 95% of the contestants on The Bachelor and Bachelorette.
This blog is where I will share my adventures in secondary embarrassment with you. Warning: you will cringe, you will feel uncomfortable and at times, you will just want it to go away. But hopefully, you’ll also leave feeling a lot better about yourself. Even if you did trip and fall in the middle of an intersection today.

p.s. – My Little Disclaimer.
To all the overly sensitive people out there, this blog is for fun and the opinions contained on it are all mine. Yeah, I make fun of people on television. If they don’t want to be made fun of, they probably shouldn’t sign up for a gig on reality tv. In closing, if you don’t like my blog, i’m cool with that. But before spouting off, just take a deep breath and use the little “x” in the top right corner of your browser. 

7 responses to “About

  1. Erin

    Yes! So excited!!!

  2. I’m pretty much in a constant state of annoyance about 90% of my life. This state of annoyance is usually caused by incompentance or….secondary embarrassment. Thank you for putting a name to that feeling.

    Also, thanks for subscribing to my blog. 🙂

  3. Travis Jaggers

    I’m now a follower!

  4. Darel Talbot

    you are so talented…this should make YOU famous…get going girl you are an awesome writer and commentator…I laughed all day reading this stuff and I am hard to please being manic depressive and suicidal…this almost makes me want to live. I love your style…now start a book…it will be a bestseller, you are funny.

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