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Say it Ain’t So: Bachelorette’s Ali & Roberto Split according to

Another one bites the dust – The Bachelorette’s Ali & Roberto are officially dunzo according to  Ali and the Smoking Hot Latin Lover just weren’t meant to be.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little sad about this one. Theirs was the season that brought me back to The Bachelor(ette). In my {seriously emotional} pregnant state these too made me less jaded about the show (we all know that didn’t last). I may have even gotten a little teary (when I say a little, I mean as little as possible) when he proposed (I can feel you judging and I don’t mind).


The Good News: Roberto (always pronounced by yours truly with a heavy spanish accent) is back on the market.

The Bad News: The one semi-legit couple to come out of The Bachelor franchise in recent years, is kaput. I thought these kids could work it out but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for them. Kind of figured it wasn’t going to work out when Ali kept delaying the wedding, ironically enough, to WORK OUT.

Oh well. We’ll just have to settle for pictures of Ashley & JP going to the grocery and other lame parties in US Weekly until Ben picks out his floozy  the love of his life.

Here’s the full scoop from


Ali Fedotowsky & Roberto Martinez Split


Monday November 21, 2011 01:25 PM EST

Ali Fedotowsky & Roberto Martinez Split | Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky

Sorry, Bachelorette fans: there will officially be no wedding for Ali and Roberto.

“Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have ended their relationship,” the couple’s rep tells PEOPLE. “As they go through this difficult time, we ask that you respect the couple’s privacy.”

The duo’s romance unfolded in 2010 on season 6 of the reality show, culminating with aromantic seaside proposal on the season finale.

In October, Fedotowsky downplayed rumors that their relationship was on the rocks, telling PEOPLE there were other reasons for putting their wedding plans on hold.

“We didn’t meet in the most traditional way. We had a very short courtship and we only knew each other nine weeks before we got engaged,” Fedotowsky said at the time. “We are still figuring out our lives as individuals.”

But Fedotowsky, 27, maintained she had still planned to tie the knot with her former fiancé.

“We’re still engaged, we’re still living together,” she said at the time. “We just don’t feel the need to walk down the aisle right now.

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Even Old Ladies Love Ben the Bachelor. – ABC debuts The Bachelor preview

Just saw this on Facebook and had to share it with you all.

ABC just posted a preview of Ben’s season of The Bachelor. Looks like this season will have everything we expect – tons and tons of hyperbole, crazy bachelorettes (hello, cowgirl) and open mouth kissing in a hot tub – and some surprises – old lady bachelorettes, Ben in a tank top (neon even!) and Ben on a tractor (I think the tank top and tractor were a combo).

All I can say is get excited.

p.s. – this preview is a little jacked up but it was the best one I could find on youtube. here is the link to it on Facebook. 

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Lebron’s Awkward Armshake

I think we can all agree that Lebron James is ridiculously, amazingly good at basketball (except in the 4th quarter) and his dunks are legendary. But who knew he is also ridiculously, amazingly bad at impromptu handshakes/high-fives?

Have you seen this video? This over zealous fan was reason enough to feel a pang of secondary embarrassment. Couple that with Lebron’s awkward, limp armshake and you have a full on case of SE.

The moved has been dubbed “The Eel” by Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones and I’m going to have to agree with the title although I am holding out hope that this move doesn’t catch on with the kids.

C’mon buddy. Just give her a high five and be done with this nonsense.

Until next time… stay tuned!

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I’m Back! And Bachelor Ben Flajnik will be too on January 2nd!

Wow wow wow. It has been way too long since I have shared some secondary embarrassment with you all. It feels good to be back in the game. I won’t apologize for taking a little break mostly because that would give you all secondary embarrassment and I wouldn’t want to do that to you all.

So I think we all knew that Ben F. (seriously if I have to write his last name one more time,  my eyes are going to permanently cross. Might as well just randomly smash down on my keyboard) was coming back as El Bachelor but you may not have known that his return is only 56 days away (it’s like Christmas comes twice!). Yup, we’re due for a two hour premiere on January 2nd.

Photo Credit: Robert Mills on Twitter via


That gives us all 56 days to prepare for the hijinks (i’ve heard that a girl rides in on a horse and that another one brings her granny with her for the intro), crying (so so much crying), forced affection (open mouth kissing returns to network TV – hooray!) and “true love” created in an imaginary test tube of romance.

I don’t know about you but I can hardly wait. Do you think Ben will find his one true love or do you think the mother & sister will conjure up a curse to make sure Ben never leaves their California cottage with a lady love?

Ahh, I can hardly wait. Until then, I’m going to dabble in some Real Housewives posts and search for other inspiration. What are you looking for on the SIXTEENTH (can you believe it’s been on that long) season of The Bachelor? Are you Team Ben or not? Are you happy I’m back? (Please say yes.)

Until next time… stay tuned!

P.S. – Robert Mills is a producer on all The Bachelor shows. You need to follow him on Twitter. I’m thinking my next post will be a Bachelor who’s who on Twitter. Get excited.

P.P.S. – Happy Birthday to my favorite Ashley from Brad’s season – Ashley Spivey! She’s got a blog too – not really similar to SE but kinda when she does recaps. 


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