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How I Learned How to Stop Being Jaded and Love the Royal Wedding.

If you talked to me yesterday and asked if I was going to get up early to watch the Royal Wedding, I would have laughed and said “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” How quickly things change.

This morning the little man (my 5 months old babe, who I leave out of this blog to help him stay clear of a google search for at least a little while longer) decided it would be fun to kick off the day at 5 am. I guess he had heard about this whole Royal Wedding thing from all the Today Show hoopla he’s been forced to watch as I get ready for work and was pissed that I didn’t get him up at 4 am to start our viewing party. For once I wasn’t totally annoyed that he ruined a great night of sleeping (For all the protective mums out there – I’m just kidding. Kind of.)  since there was going to actually be some decent programming on at 5 am.

consider me hooked. (Alastair Grant / AP)

So we headed down, me with my mimosa (okay that didn’t happen, but we’ll pretend for the sake of the blog) and the little guy with his mimosa (Gotcha. Kidding again.), I mean his bottle, to watch this Royal Wedding thing unfold.

The minute Prince William popped onto the screen, I was hooked. And not because I think he is dreamy or because I wish I was marrying him, I got sucked in to the pageantry of it all. It took about 5 seconds for me to catch the Royal Wedding fever. All aspirations of going to the gym (I just put that in there so you’d think I was fit) went out the window and I was in for the long haul.

obsessed. (Getty Images)

And I’m not too proud to admit it, I loved (ALMOST) every second of it. (I used the time during some of the boring parts to take a shower and blow dry my hair – sorry! a girl’s got a day job to maintain.) I love Kate, I mean Catherine’s dress and it’s homage to Grace Kelly.

I love Pippa. Loved everything about her. The dress, how cute she is, how she gave Harry (SERIOUSLY LOVE HIM) the eye a couple of times, how she killed it at being in charge of the veil. Loved her. Basically, I become a huge sucker for the pomp and circumstance.

I won’t blabber on about all the details, there are thousands of sites that are breaking down the guest list, who wore what, what they said to each other, etc. This post is merely my confession that even the most jaded, black-hearted grinches can get caught up in the loveliness that was the marriage of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Did you watch the watch the wedding? What did you think? Do you love Prince Harry as much as I do?

p.s. – I am also obsessed with the little flower girl in this pic. Clearly, she’s over it (or just didn’t want the fly over to pope her eardrums, either way.)

i heart that little one. (Photo: George Pimentel, WireImage)

those crazy kids. (Matt Dunham / AP)


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Clearly US Weekly (and I) are having a slow day – “US Weekly Exclusive: See What Brad Womack Looked Like as a Kid!”

If you just got secondary embarrassment from reading the title of this post, I don’t blame you. I’m feeling pretty embarrassed for myself right now. But isn’t that what this little blog is all about?

So it’s Monday, it’s raining here and for some reason Brad Womack made an appearance in my inbox. No, Brad didn’t come across my blog, marvel at its awesomeness and feel compelled to write me a little note. Instead, the folks at US Weekly are having a slow news day and decided that today’s celebrity gossip tidbit would be some pics of Brad Womack as a kiddo.

To be perfectly honest, I would prefer some pics of Brad, Emily and Ricky Tick where we can see the awkward relationship between Little Ricky and Big Daddy Brad unfolding. But instead we get this.

Photos – See What Brad Womack Looked Like as a Kid – Smile for the Cameras! –

Does this make my butt look fat? (

Check out this description from US Weekly:

Before he began his quest for love on The Bachelor, Brad Womack was an animal-loving Southern boy who sometimes played dress-up with his twin brother, Chad — and only has the exclusive pics.

Yes, that’s right ladies (and Bachelor-loving fellas), before his epic journey for love (part deux), little boy Brad just loved a pair of pompoms and a fun-filled day of dress up with his brah Chad. We also learn that he loved a good crop top, rocked the Zack Morris hair-do and has loved plaid since the early 90’s. Pretty jealous of Emily aren’t you?

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It’s Her Party and She’ll Cry Awkwardly if She Wants To – Bethenny’s Birthday Boo-Hoo’s

If you’ve read this blog before, you know how I feel about crying on television. Almost without exception, it gives me secondary embarrassment. I’m not generally a crier but that doesn’t mean I can’t get my boo-hoo’s on every once in a while (pregnancy doesn’t count). The thing is no one looks good crying on television. The whole thing is awkward – the look, the sound, the expressions of those around you – awkward.

So, last night I was catching up on the latest episode of one of my favorite shows, “Bethenny Ever After” (thank you Bravo, for continuously creating addicting reality content) and there were the waterworks. Now if you’ve been watching this season, you know that Bethenny has been a CRYING MACHINE. Seriously, she cries every episode. Crying on her way to a party, crying at home, crying with friends. Lots and lots of crying. But last night’s episode was different. It was worse and painfully awkward to watch. Bethenny crying at her birthday party.

I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t cry at one of my birthday parties. I did. I was in sixth grade and some girl was being mean to me at my birthday slumber party (don’t act like you never had an elementary/middle school birthday breakdown, it happens to all of us). I am hopeful though, that the birthday blues don’t strike at my 40th Birthday party (which is over a decade away, thank you very much). Unfortunately for Bethenny, they hit her hard.

During this episode, we learn that Bethenny isn’t a huge birthday fan. As much as I relate to Bethenny (and I feel like I do on WAY too many levels), this is one thing I cannot comprehend. I am a birthday lover. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday but I am also a huge fan of other people’s birthdays. Really, who doesn’t love a good celebration? Well apparently, Bethenny (and my husband, who seems to throw himself a birthday pity party every year ). Bethenny’s husband, like me, is a huge fan of a fun birthday and plans a fun little surprise for her. This is where the awkwardness strikes. Watch and cringe.

Clearly Bethenny loves attention. I mean, she has her own show. But this kind of attention is, admittedly, a bit uncomfortable. I am on her team when she says she doesn’t like for everyone to stare at her in a circle. I also agree with her dislike of opening gifts in front of other people. Opening presents at my wedding and/or baby showers made me pretty uncomfortable. I hate how everyone is just watching, waiting for your reaction. I digress.

Quick Sidenote: I heart Jason’s parents on this show but how out of place do they look at this party? You know if you were at this party and were talking to them you’d feel all bad about trying to get wasted while trying to hold an adult convo with them. You know they’re trying to talk about babies and families and Brynn while you’re just trying to get your party on. You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming.

Unfortunately for us all, Bethenny is unable to just suck it up and take one for the team. So instead of being thrilled with the thoughtfulness of the pink mannequin and the amazingness of the diamond earrings (!!!!!!!!!!), she freaks out. Starts crying and then escapes to the bathroom for an all-out sobfest. And we’re not talking about the tears that just quietly well-up in your eyes. We’re talking uncontrollable, lose your breath weeping. It was almost too much for me to bear AND we couldn’t even see it. She locked herself in the bathroom, so you know it has to be bad when just the sound alone made me want to fast-forward (thank you DVR). All the while, Party Planner Shawn is probably having a shit-fit off camera and secretly wishing he had convinced her to have the bare-chested male models serve drinks while Cirque du Soleil aerialists  serve drinks at the bar ( I am not making that up, he proposed she do that at the party. love it!).

I propose that Bethenny invite me to her next milestone birthday where I will happily lap up the attention, enthusiastically blow out the candles on a delicious cake (ps – how big was her birthday cake? It looked amazing and like it could feed a small army of cake lovers) and accept all lavish gifts with pleasure.

Until then, I will just enjoy all the other similarities I seem to share with Bethenny (similarities do not include being rich and fabulous, having a baby nanny, owning my own company, being a psuedo-celebrity and wearing a size 00).

Stay Tuned!

p.s. friends – do you love your birthday? or do you have bad birthday memories? i’d love to hear stories of your best or worst (share the SE!) birthday moments.


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