Put Down Your Phone. When Drunk Dials Go WRONG.

So this is not normal – I don’t normally write two posts in one day (well, this video you’re about to watch is not normal either). But I could not let today go by without sharing this.

We’ve all been there – a little over-served with a cell-phone whose battery is not dead (although the next morning most people wish it had been). You pick it up, call someone and more often than not, leave a message. The dreaded drunk dial. Some drunk dials are funny, some are just plain fun and some are DREADFUL. This one is dreadful. Actually, it’s beyond dreadful.

We’ll discuss after you experience the SE.

Two minutes and forty four seconds of pure embarrassment.

Clearly this girl with the somewhat mannish name of Dominic LOVED her some Ryan. She also wanted to make sure Ryan, you know, contacted her. Cell phone, email, IM, pager (PAGER?? c’mon Dominic no one uses those anymore unless you’re a doctor, which I’m guessing, you’re not), fax, sky writing, Morse Code, carrier pigeons – just get in touch with her. Ummm… so, yeah.

I found it quite suspect that Ryan had to leave unexpectedly – I’m guessing it’s because he smelled the crazy (and began hearing the Psycho-theme in your head) and made a beeline to the nearest exit. Good move Ryan. Although, it may not have been a good idea to give her your for real cell number. You could be getting those calls, about your cute shirt and your cute little pants, well into the future.

One last note, was Dominic not out with her friends? If she was, that’s just mean of them to let their friend blabber on for almost THREE MINUTES. Three minutes in voice mail time is like an hour in real time.

Yikes.  Until we know exactly which Jamba Juice Dominic works at (You’re probably saying “I thought she worked at ebay?” I’m guessing Dominic is a real self-starter and has two jobs. Jamba Juice is just cause she needs some fun money and loves smoothies), I encourage all my readers to stay away from Jamba Juice (not because their smoothies aren’t delicious). Their hiring standards are definitely not stringent enough.

Thanks to @tytythompsonKSR for posting this.

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